Webinar: Connecting Silos in the SAP Lifecycle 


With a focus on SAP environments, this webinar is about connecting these silos through business process modelling and software testing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• How to deliver quickly and effectively in SAP enviornmetns
• Why business process modelling, requirements and blueprinting need to work together
• How to properly link requirements to functional tests
• The role of automated testing, performance engineering, and test data management in a connected SAP enviornment
• The tools and processes required to enable you to deliver faster, better, and smarter testing

About our presenter, Nalin Parbhu

Nalin Parbhu is the CEO/CTO of Infuse. During his career in software engineering, he has worked on hundreds of testing projects. He is a specialist in process and technical testing who has worked globally on 20+ ERP projects in SAP, Siebel, Oracle E-Business, and Peoplesoft.

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