Whitepaper: Fast and high-quality modern software testing framework

HPE Modern Software Testing Framework - LP.png

Why Read This Whitepaper?

Modern software development needs testing and delivery tools that can create reusable tests, and many organizations are applying test automation to agile projects. Yet 15 years after agile was first introduced to software development lifecycles, QA teams still struggle with this.

In today’s era of fast-paced and dynamic application development, your end users expect to see continuous enhancements that are aligned with their requests. Being able to respond quickly becomes a major competitive advantage. Previously, software applications were composed of two to four monolithic services, but today’s applications have multiple layers composed of distributed microservices, which are often integrated with legacy systems. The result is a much more complex software stack that becomes challenging to test when the goal is high quality and rapid delivery.

This whitepaper covers:

  • The “shift left” movement
  • The modern framework: three core concepts
  • Five capabilities of a functional testing framework
  • Measure the success of your testing framework

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